Eva, 23, Czech Republic

+ Sherlock + Glee + White Collar + The Big Bang Theory + How I Met Your Mother + Hannibal + New Girl + 2 Broke Girls + Misfits + American Horror Story + Girls + Some Girls

+ Star Trek + Star Wars + Marvel + Harry Potter + Hunger Games + Hobbit

Men who inspire me:
+ Benedict Cumberbatch + Martin Freeman + Tom Hiddleston + Chris Colfer + Darren Criss + Robert Downey Jr. + Matt Bomer + Zachary Quinto + Christian Bale + Gary Oldman

The one that's got away

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i don’t understand why people don’t instantly respond to “what would your dream superpower be” with the ability to manipulate probability.
think about it. what’s the chance someone will drop 1mil in front of me? 0%? let’s make that 100%. what’s the probability i’ll wake up tomorrow and be X gender? 100%. what’s the probability my bathtub is filled with mac and cheese? 100%.

This is genius